Our Process

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How It Works

It starts with you

If you're in need of secure shredding services in east Tennessee, we are always right around the corner. We offer free estimates, on-site paper/document shredding, and a convenient drop-off location. We'll accommodate households and businesses within 50 miles of Knoxville, Tennessee. Once you contact Paper Bee Gone, we'll assess your needs and even schedule weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, if needed.

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Secure Document Disposal, done right


Our Technicians

We surround ourselves with smart people, especially when it comes to our technicians. We're a team of shredding experts who have been thoroughly trained by Shred-Tech, the nation's leader in mobile shred technology. Our technicians are also trained in HIPAA compliance and are vaccinated against COVID-19 to ensure the safety of your business and family while working with Paper Bee Gone.

Paper Bee Gone provides a minimum of 2 technicians for each pickup. We never leave our truck when the shredder is in operation!

Each of our technicians has passed background checks and drug screening processes prior to their employment. These efforts are all part of our commitment to professionalism while retrieving and disposing of materials.

Mobile Shredding Service near Knoxville

On Site - Done Right!

Paper Bee Gone uses a Shred-Tech Mobile Shred Vehicle for our on-site paper shredding services. Our state-of-the-art mobile shred vehicle, equipped with two cast aluminum shredders, has exceptional strength without the weight of steel. The shredders feature hub knives, high strength alloy shafts as well as two all-new patent-pending innovations: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper.

Our shred size meets/exceeds NAID AAA standards, and we use a separate shredder during hard drive destruction. Our vehicle and doors are locked for complete protection while performing our services, and total destruction is achieved during each process.

After pick-up or drop-off, the chain of custody ends outside of your door. All documents and hard drives are destroyed on-site, which eliminates any security issues.

A notarized certificate of destruction is completed for each pickup with Paper Bee Gone to confirm the complete destruction of your material and for your legal records.

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Wait, Where Do Our Shredded Materials Go?

We guarantee 100% of your shredded materials are recycled and stay out of our landfills. Paper Bee Gone partners with Westrock, Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific to ensure your paper is recycled into future hand towels, toilet paper and other “green” products. Hard drive material is recycled with other metal items at Junk Bee Gone in a partnership with PSC and Noble metals.